1. What is the English Check app?


The English Check app is a mobile application that allows you to get English writing of 50 words or less proofread and edited by a qualified, experienced and native-speaking English tutor. It also gives you the chance to ask English-related questions to the tutor. Through the app, all edited English and answers to questions will be sent directly to your mobile device.


2. How does the English Check app work?


1. Input your English writing of 50 words or less or ask an English-related question

2. A native-speaking tutor will answer your request and/or proofread and edit your writing

3. The tutor’s response will be sent directly to your mobile device

4. Use the edited and correct English in your emails, essays, letters, reports, messages, chats or in anything else you want

5. Submit another request (it's free!)


3. Who checks my English?


Your English is checked by one of a group of native-speaking, Asia-based university English writing instructors. All instructors are trained, qualified and experienced in evaluating, editing and revising different types of English writing.


4. What does the tutor do exactly?


The tutor will proofread and edit your text, if necessary. He/she will check for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and correct them. If needed, he/she will adjust the sentence structure to make it more natural and comprehensible. He/she may also change or enhance some of the vocabulary in order to better convey your message.


5. Can I submit more than 50 words to be checked?


You can only submit 50 words at one time. However, you can make an unlimited number requests as long as each one is under 50 words.


6. Can I really ask the tutor unlimited questions and/or make unlimited proofreading/editing requests?


Yes. You can make as many requests as you want. However, tutors answer the requests in the order in which they are received so they may not be able to answer all of your requests as one time.


In addition, while you can submit an unlimited number of requests and while we will make every effort to respond to each one, if you make more than five submissions on a single day, we may not be able to respond to subsequent ones made on the same day in a timely fashion, as we aim to ensure that everybody has fair and equal access to the benefits of English Check. Thus, we want to give other users sufficient opportunities to get their English proofread and edited, as well.


7. Are these proofreading/editing requests really free?


Yes. After you purchase the app there will be no other charges (aside from the cost of your internet/data connection).


8. How long does it take for me to receive a response?


Requests are checked and edited live during the hours of 9:00-17:00 Hong Kong/China time (UTC +08:00 ) Monday to Friday. During this time period, you can expect to receive a response within minutes. Outside of these hours you may have to wait until the next working day for the response.


9. How will I receive my response?


The tutor will send his/her response directly to your mobile device.


10. I submitted my request hours ago but still have not yet received a response. What happened?


Tutors are available for live checking between the hours of 09:00-17:00 Hong Kong/China Standard Time (UTC +08:00) Monday to Friday. If you submit a request outside of these hours you may have to wait until the next working day for it to be answered.


If you submit a request within these hours and still have not received a response, then it may mean that all tutors are busy with other requests. English Check tutors make every attempt to respond to your requests as quickly as possible. However, demand for checking services can be considerably high at times, meaning that tutors may not be able to get to yours right away. During such peak-demand times, you may have to wait a bit longer for your response. Your patience and understanding in these situations is highly appreciated.


Finally, in rare cases, the tutor may send a response but the app does not immediately retrieve it. You can solve this by simply closing the app and re-opening it. Doing this allows the app to load and retrieve any responses that are waiting to arrive at your mobile device.


11. Why is live checking only available during limited hours of the day?


English Check tutors are currently based in Asia and, therefore, the live checking hours correspond closely to the working hours in the region. This not only allows our tutors to work a normal and natural schedule, but also allows our Asia-based customers to get English proofreading assistance when they need it the most.


We are working on expanding our tutor base to other regions of the world.


12. After I receive a response can I ask follow-up questions to the tutor?


Yes you are allowed to ask follow-up questions or ask for additional clarification. However, please bear in mind the tutor could be busy with other requests and may take some time to respond to your follow-up question.


13. I want to ask a follow-up question but I am unable to because it says “Conversation closed.” How can I restart the conversation?


Conversations can become "closed" or “completed” after a period of inactivity or if the tutor determines that the inquiry is complete. Conversations cannot be restarted. However, you are free to submit another request with the follow-up question embedded into it.


14. What if I am not happy with the quality of the editing/proofreading?


English Check tutors have extensive training and experience in evaluating, proofreading, editing and revising English writing. They strive to provide you with the highest quality results by means of delivering natural, accurate, meaningful and successful English sentences. We do apologize and regret If you are unsatisfied with the work that one of the tutors has done. In such a situation, we suggest submitting your request again. Tutors are randomly assigned to each request so you may get a different tutor the second time who will provide more satisfying results.


Please also note that with 50-word requests, tutors may not be able to evaluate more detailed aspects of writing like structure, style, tone, content, persuasiveness and how each sentence fits in the overall pattern or context of the paragraph or essay. This is especially true if the 50-words you submit is part of a much larger piece of writing. If you would like to get these other aspects evaluated as well, you are encouraged to consult our Premium Checking services.


15. I think the tutor has misunderstood my writing and sent me a sentence that does not reflect my originally intended meaning. What can I do?


This could happen if the 50-words that you submit are part of a much larger piece of writing. In such a case, the tutor may not be able to understand the exact meaning of your text without seeing the whole context in which it is being used. To avoid this, you are encouraged to consult our Premium Checking services, which allow you get much larger pieces of writing reviewed, proofread and edited in an in-depth fashion that considers aspects such as context, tone, style and structure.


16. I really like the work that one of my tutors has provided. How can I get that tutor for my next request?


Unfortunately, tutors are randomly assigned to each request so there is no guarantee that you will get the same tutor for two requests in a row. If you want to continue to work with a certain tutor, the best way is to do so is through our Premium Checking service where you can get English text of over 50 words proofread and edited. During your chat, inform the tutor that you will submit a request through our Premium Checking service. That tutor will then assign himself/herself to work on your request.


17. How much does the Premium Checking service cost?


Please see here for details on the Premium Checking service.


18. What kinds of writing can I submit through the app?


Almost anything as long as each piece is 50 words or under. Tutors are particularly skilled at checking academic and business writing but can also review writing in other subjects such as science, engineering, marketing, law and more. SMS messages, emails and other casual correspondence can also be checked.


19. Can I submit a 50-word piece that is part of a larger text?


Yes. You can submit any piece that is 50-words or less.


20. What kinds of writing will not be accepted?


We will ignore and close any requests that are “gibberish” or obviously incomprehensible. We will also not check writing that is blatant plagiarism and/or clearly profane and meant to do harm. We reserve the right to refuse other content on a case-by-case basis.


21. Why must I register to use the app?


Registration allows us to provide a better service by reducing spam, freeing bandwidth and, ultimately, reducing the workload of our tutors because it makes sure that they are only spending time answering genuine requests. By having a unique account, users are also able to save and access previous conversations/chats with tutors, thus providing an overall better user experience.


22. Can I register more than once on the same device?


Currently, we only permit one registration per app download. After you register once, you will be unable to do so again without re-downloading the app. This is done to prevent multiple registrations from the same purchase, which could, in the long run, cause a burden on our servers, our tutors and, ultimately, on the services that we provide to you. Having one registration per app download allows us to focus more on what you want - the English checking!


23. Can I log in on more than one device?


Yes. As long as you create an account with an email address and password, you will be able to sign in on any device that is running the app.


24. I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?


On the "Sign In" screen, simply select the "Forgot Password" link and, on the following screen, enter the email address that you registered with. We will reset your password and email you the new one.


25. I forgot my email login ID. How can I sign in and/or retrieve my password?


Your email address is your unique user/login ID and is the only means we have of sending you your password and identifying who you are. If you forget this, you will have to contact us. We may be able to retrive it for you but we cannot guarantee it. To avoid this potential problem, please make sure you register with a valid email address that you can remember easily and that you have regular access to.


26. What will my personal information be used for?


We ask for your name in order to provide a more personalized service. You do not have to specify your real name if you do not want to. Your email is needed in order to provide you with a unique user identity and also for site correspondence and security purposes, such as password retrieval. All other information requested (country of residence) is used for data collection purposes only and will not be sold to advertisers or other third-parties. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy


27. Who owns the rights to the edited/corrected/proofread writing?


You will continue to own the rights to it and will be free to use it in any way that you wish.


28. What will you with the content of the writing that I submit? Will you sell it to advertisers or use it in any way? Will you delete it when you are done?


We will not sell your writing to advertisers, to marketers, or to anybody else, and do not intend to use it in any way, shape or form other than for carrying out the proofreading, editing and revision services that you request. In the future, we may refer to some of your writing for data collection purposes, such as for compiling lists of common grammar and usage errors. Such data collection would only be used internally in order to enhance the quality of the services that we offer and to provide you with a more satisfying user experience.


As per our Privacy Policy, your writing will be promptly archived on the day the conversation has been marked as "closed" or "completed" and the content deleted and removed from our access no later than 90 days from this date.


29. If I have more than 50 words that need to be checked, what can I do?


We offer a Premium Checking service where we can not only check more of your writing but give you a more in-depth editing service, focusing on aspects such as structure, style, tone, content in addition to the grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure proofreading. There is an extra fee for this service. But the fee is reasonable.


30. Why is the Premium Checking service a better choice than the free checking done through the app?


The Premium Checking service allows us not only edit and proofread a larger amount of content but also do a better job since we are able to look at the text as a whole and not just bits and pieces of it. Therefore we can see how each sentence fits in the overall pattern and context, which will allow us to provide a more comprehensive and accurate editing and proofreading. We can also focus on things like structure, style, tone and content, which we cannot do with the free checking over the app. .


31. Can I email a file or send you the English text instead of inputting it into the app?


The 50-words of free editing service is only available through the app and we cannot entertain free requests sent through email or other means. However, if you have a bigger file, you are encouraged to consider our web-based Premium Checking service where we can evaluate, edit proofread and revise larger documents. We can also accept these documents through email.


32. Are there any other ways I can submit my English text besides inputting it into the app?


You can also upload a photo from your mobile device. In this case, the tutor will check the first 50 words of the writing unless he/she receives instructions otherwise.


33. How can I save the content that a tutor provides to me?


The English Check app allows each user to create their own personal, unique account. All messages from tutors are automatically saved within that account, unless specifically deleted by the user.


The user also has the option of emailing the contents of the conversation to him/herself or to anybody else, thus creating an additional written record of it.


34. How can I transfer the edited and revised English to my desktop or other device?


You can easily transfer the edited and revised English to another device by emailing it to yourself. To do this, simply select the icon that appears in the upper right corner of the conversation/chat screen. This will open up a screen on your email app where you can compose a new email that will already include as an attachment the contents of the conversation.


35. I accidentally deleted a conversation. Is there any way to retrieve it?


Yes! There is a way that you can retrieve a conversation that has been deleted from the "All Messages" screen. Simply log out and log back in again. This will recall all of the previous conversations that you have removed from this screen. Please note that this method will not work if the conversation you want to retrieve was deleted as a result of selecting the "Clear All Messages" link on the "App Settings" screen. Selecting this link permanently deletes all messages and conversations and, to retrieve them, you must contact us within 90 days from the date of deletion.


36. How can I permanently delete my messages/conversations?


You can permanently delete conversations by selecting the "Clear All Messages" link on the "App Settings" screen.


37. I inputted 50 words but the tutor did not check all of them. Why not?


The tutor will check until the final complete sentence. The tutor cannot check words that are not in a complete sentence because if the sentence is incomplete the meaning of that sentence is unclear.


38. Can I enter my request in a language other than English?


Sorry. Our tutors are only capable of responding to English-language requests.


39. Do you offer a translation service from Chinese into English?


Sorry. We only offer English proofreading and editing services.


40. Who runs English Check?

English Check was founded by a group of Hong Kong-based English writing instructors who firmly believed that writers of English should have a more easy, seamless, efficient and practical way to get their writing proofread, edited and grammatically corrected.


41. The app seems to be really slow and takes a long time to load. Is there any way to solve this?


You can improve the performance and speed of the app by deleting conversations and messages. This is especially true if you keep saved many old conversations containing images or large amounts of text. Deleting these conversations can speed up the performance of the app.


42. How can I purchase the English Check app?


You can purchase the English Check app by visiting the Apple App Store.


43. How much is the app?


The English Check app is currently priced at $41.99 USD or $328 HKD.


44. Why is the app so expensive?


In order to provide you with the highest level of English proofreading service, English Check uses real, live and qualified Asia-based English tutors. The cost of the app reflects the service that these tutors provide. Considering that they are willing to provide unlimited help, it could be argued that the app is actually quite cheap.


45. Is the English Check app available for other platforms besides the iOS/iPhone?


We are currently working to develop both an Android version. It should be available for purchase shortly.


46. It's easier for me to type and send English on a desktop than it is on a mobile device. Do you have a desktop and/or web-based version of English Check?


Besides our Premium Checking service, we are working to develop a web-based live checking platform similar to our mobile app for those who find it more convenient to type and communicate on a desktop. We will send out an announcement when this web-based version of English Check is available.










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